Reading, Writing, Reliability…

It’s probably not the three R’s you were expecting.

Reading – you’re doing that right now (unless you absorb blog posts by osmosis) and it’s what students need to practice. It’s astonishing to me how little time students are spending reading… not just on class assignments, but also on relevant topics and the world at large.

This lack of interest shows up in assignments and in writing. Written communication skills are necessary in most walks of life. If you want to learn to write, first you need to read. I collect writers, both in printed form and on the Internet (see this page for writers I enjoy). Just as you become a better reader with practice, so too do writing skills improve with repetition (as long as you’re not typing the same stuff over and over).

Reliability… the “soft” skill. If you tell me you’re interested in starting a web design business, and then take two or three weeks to return an email, well… I can’t recommend you to any business I stumble across. If you tell me you’re unemployed and looking for work and then don’t follow up on phone messages… I wish these were anomalies, but they’re not. They’re typical.

And that is a very sad state of affairs indeed.

2 thoughts on “Reading, Writing, Reliability…”

  1. OMG Hope you don’t mean me!!!!! I cracked & went to Borders to buy something to help me with WordPress, I need something in my hands that I can look through when I’m NOT on the pc…. I know you say it all changes alot & fast but I need something to mull over and over till it starts making some sense or I can keep using for a reference. I was suprised there wasn’t a “dummy” book for WP, but oh well. When they reduce the prices more (40% now)I might go pick up actionscript or javascript…seems the requirements for the AS degree has changed!!AHHHHHHH they even addded visual basic net to the certificate, but its not on for the AS??? Now, there is also a class for CMS (#222), will the school ever actaully have/schedule the class? cause I would DEFINITELY like to do it now, it would be extremely helpful , cause you know, I worry to much! hahha

  2. I had you in mind writing the other post today – that six weeks’ doesn’t allow enough time for the “eureka moment” – but not on this post. You’re in the atypical group – the ones who do respond. It’s a small group.

    I expect the ones who need this the most will never read it, but hope springs eternal.

    …as to degree requirements, usually the requirements in effect when you first enrolled are supreme (but of course you need to check via “official sources”). The CMS course was offered last year but had zero signups – since it was not a “required” course no one took it. I hope it runs on a night I have free — I’ll take it!

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