The amazing light-ness of seeing

I’m on a photography kick. So shoot me.


Photography is all about the light – recording photons for posterity.


When you take a photo is sometimes even more important than where you are. Same place, close to the same angle… which is more pleasing?

or ?

I know which one I’d pick.

All that changed was what time of day… one is in the “golden hour” – so-called because it’s when the light is truly golden in color – near sunset. There is a thinner golden segment early in the morning, especially in the spring and fall when the sun is angled – but I hesitate to call it a golden hour… more like twenty minutes or so.
Here are a couple of first-light images…

2 thoughts on “The amazing light-ness of seeing”

  1. What, no photos of your amazing evening in the big town of Sergeantsville last weekend? I saw a couple on your facebook, but I thought I’d find some added here.

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