I’m on Fire! (kindle fire)

The adventure begins. This post is created partly using the kindle fire – the color ereader/tablet from Amazon. For blogging it is a noticeable improvement over a phone – but not really up to the task as much as I had hoped. However the auto-correct is not quite as obnoxious as the Apple version.

But it is only intended as a casual replacement for a fullblown computer, at least for me. I bought to a) read books; b) watch videos; c) read websites and d) listen to music.

So far it’s done quite well with the first three functions… read two books already, and am about 1/3 of the way through a movie. My spot-check of music playback shows the audio is fine; but I’ve only got a few songs in the Amazon cloud. So a task added to the list is to introduce kindle and one of the beasts and move some music into it.

The user interface at least for performing the basic tasks of read book /watch movie / listen to music is as intuitive as I’ve ever encountered; kudos to the designers at Amazon. Also good – you can change the background color for the reader; I’ve settled with black text on a yellowish page.

Something to consider for the book industry – a reasonably-priced relicensing method for books. I have a number of traditional bound books which also exist in kindle editions… I’m willing to pay a transfer fee to have them on kindle, but not the full-freight either-or pricing that exists today. I suspect the publisher who comes up with a method for this will quickly enjoy even higher revenues. Yoo-hoo! Baen? O’Reilly? (my picks for the two most capable of stepping up to the plate on this.)

Back to the movie. I’ve still got 31% battery power remaining. Let’s see how far it goes!

3 thoughts on “I’m on Fire! (kindle fire)”

  1. We got a Kindle Fire for my mother-in-law (who is going to be 83 next week) for Christmas and she is having a hard time learning the technology. She is happier with her “good old fashioned paperbacks”.

    As far as email goes, she can’t stand it…

    Since she travels a lot we thought it would be better for her to have 1 kindle to keep track of vs. a stack of books.

    We’re working on her

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