Crossing the line…

Here I go again, messing up the lines. Crossing over from professor to student; twice a week changing which side of the room I’m on. It’s time to learn!

This time it’s a refresher class – CISY 225 Web Page Development I.

From reading the syllabus I gather I’ll be working up several websites over the next six weeks:

  • A personal site. In this case, it will be the renaissance of – a project started years ago which never advanced. This time round I hope to make the site into a template set which can then be fed by PHP/MySQL code – otherwise I was facing the Brobdingnagian task of maintaining 200 or more individual pages (not as involved as njchurchscape but still…).
  • A commercial site – think this will be the [long overdue] facelift for Seventeen years with the same design is perhaps a bit long in the tooth.
  • An e-commerce site – hmm… think I smell a honeypot in my future.

Should be an interesting ride.