This past week saw the end game play out for two different threads; one short, one long.

The short thread which ended was my PHP/MySQL class – you know you did something right when the students are still there, talking away, working on further learning… an hour after the end of the final exam!

I was apprehensive at the start of this class… condensing the learning of two technologies (and continued mastery of two others) into just 9 weeks of intensive activity. There will be much rethink and rework of the instructional support activity before next offering of this course. In short, I need to rethink the opening session with regards to VM-based development environments.

But all in all, it was a good run, with a great bunch of students!

This past week my trusty ride of 15 years was replaced. The ’97 RAV4 has been my companion through a lot of adventures: Finding hardware in Weeping Water. Chasing churches in seventeen states. Bouncing down the beach… sliding down the hills. Slipping on the sand roads. Towing jeeps and cadillacs and 4runners. Photographing graveyards; attracting cats.

No more. At 231,000 miles, the repair estimate was more than I could justify. So the RAV4.1 will pass on to a new owner shortly… RAV4.2 is ready to go!

Out of curiosity I went back to see what has been replaced on the old car… five sets of tires, five batteries, two timing belts, one set of shocks, four brake pad replacements, two set of front rotors, two sets of spark plugs, four distributor cable sets, front right quarter panel (Bambi baptism), one alternator, one starter. Lots of synthetic oil and filters, and a number of headlight bulbs until I figured out how to change the aim.


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