January Airlift

Sunshine with a cold wind; that’s the drill in January. I’m standing outside carrying a camera, casting an eye to the heavens. Then:

“Sky Manor Unicom Mooney Two Zero One Alpha Kilo short final runway 25.”

Aircraft in flight
Final approach

..and a moment later, Daisy and her eleven puppies arrived in Pittstown New Jersey, on their way to new homes.

Plane at touchdown

How does a computer geek get involved in this?

For over a year now, I’ve been a part of HarnessLife.Org – a spay/neuter educational nonprofit. We’re combating roverpopulation and working tirelessly to educate the public to help stop unnecessary littering. Today we’re along to take photos and deliver a spay grant to S & L Animal Rescue for Daisy.

This journey started with a dog,Daisy; in Kentucky. STAR (Saving The Animals of Rowan [county in Kentucky]) is a last-resort rescue – without STAR, Daisy and her brood were doomed. Even so, there aren’t enough people willing to foster or adopt a dog in the area – necessitating transport to other parts of the country. S & L was willing to host Daisy – the problem was getting her here. Complicating matters, Daisy was pregnant… and then, she was a mother… to eleven delightful puppies.

Dog and puppies
Daisy and her brood – safe and ready for their new home!

Enter Pilots ‘n’ Paws: a volunteer network of private pilots willing to devote time, fuel and aircraft to transporting animals cross-country. Through a flurry of emails and texts and even a phone call or three, a plan began to take shape. Daisy and her brood would travel by private airplane to New Jersey.

Pilot helps dog out of plane

After Daisy left with her new fosters, Lola – official spokesdog for HarnessLife.Org, presented Dianne Wiley with a grant to cover Daisy’s spaying.

Woman and Dog
Dianne Wiley accepts a Spay/Neuter grant from Lola (official spokesdog of HarnessLife.Org)

Full photo gallery is here.