At last! The Symphony Ends…

…and apparently, Jersey Central Power and Light managed to find the fuse and put it back in and now I can get some sleep.

At 1:20 AM EDT this morning, the power went out.

How did I know? Because the symphony began. Four UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) units began the serenade… and as we reached 20 minutes without power, the systems all shut down, right on schedule. How strange it is to try and sleep in total darkness without the peaceful white noise of the fans. Then with a lurch and groan, the power came back… and bounced a couple of times before it stabilized. Or so it appeared.

Just about the time I was nodding off again, beep-beep-beep and another cycle – two minutes 30 seconds this time.

I’m solidly awake and it’s the darkest hour of the night.