Removing IPv6 (aka Microsoft Teredo Tunnel Adapter)

I can hear the shrieks already (“Why would you do this?”) from the purists.

The reality is, for the foreseeable future (say through 2018), IPv6 is going to be an item for the professional fringe. For the home user, and small office/home office user, IPv6 has little if any utility. In fact, even if you have it, all it’s doing is slowing down your connections – as time is wasted attempting to establish IPv6 connections.

Instructions are based on Windows 7… usual disclaimers apply (your mileage may vary; no animal testing performed; not responsible for damage; etc).

Here are the steps, illustrated. (Click on any image to get a larger version)

1) ipv6-01

2) ipv6-02

3) ipv6-03

4) ipv6-04

5) ipv6-05

I removed IPv6 from this machine years ago; my ISP doesn’t support it… and it’s just more “noise” on the line.

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