Updating the homepage

It finally was time — time to update the main site (homepage) of www.woodall.com, to make it mobile-friendly and modern.

When I started with the Internet the whole idea of a small consultancy having its own outpost on the web was avant-garde – I registered woodall.com in October 1995 and went live immediately, and in the summer of 1997 brought the hosting in-house, where it remains to this day.

The main site exists mostly as a tool repository – only about a dozen pages were ever in the ‘official’ linkage and there are dozens of pages reachable only by typing in the URLs directly… or from offsite links.¹ Keeping the main page updated hasn’t been a priority.

Then one fine January morning a note popped in on email – Google was going to start lowering my page scores because the site was not “mobile-friendly.” Ahem. Something must be done. And now, it is.

Expect to see various changes in the site layout and background photos as I experiment with what works best, but for now, there’s a new site out there. And it looks far better than the old.

¹ After examining the logs it’s clear there are only three of the ‘hidden’ pages still being accessed – so after a bit of legerdemain with mod_rewrite those items are now restored.

And now, the divergence…

There is now another ‘copy’ of this blog, which will of necessity drift in a somewhat different direction – created for the purpose of education, and hosted in-house on the all-new-shiny-faster-server… in particular, watch for the appearance to change.

This blog will continue onward as the “primary” site; especially for photography and general technical discussions.