Curse of the photo walk…

A beautiful Saturday in October; business meeting over, what to do? Let’s go to Waterloo Village and see what’s open. Turns out this was one of the Canal Society’s “Heritage Days” – wherein the village is open and [partly] staffed… and crawling with photographers.

Apparently at least six different photo clubs decided this was the perfect day and Waterloo was the perfect place.

A bevy of photographers brave the Morris Canal.

I didn’t hear any splashes so apparently the boat didn’t capsize but it certainly was down a bit by the bow.

Among the various waves of photographers, this tableau unfolded:

family portrait photo
Family photo fun

Color me a bit doubtful on the use of the monoblock lamp at that sort of distance on a sunny day, but whatever. Everyone appeared happy and I’m sure it turned out well.

The surprise came a bit later. I was over behind the village church, photographing in the graveyard… I’d just taken the ‘test’ shot:

low angle photo of gravestones
Test shot for composition.

And from behind me, the ‘leader’ of a ‘photo walk’ proceeds to tell me (and his followers) that what I’m doing is a waste of pixels; the shot won’t come out at all. Ahem.

I thank him for his ‘advice’ and ask forbearance for the five-shot sequence to follow. I’m going to shoot multiple exposures which will later be integrated into a single high-dynamic-range photo… oh yes, here’s the result:

low angle gravestone photo
HDR low-angle; five shots composited together.

Guess it worked out after all.

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