It’s 3 AM…

…and I’m wide awake, with a miasma of dread, wondering what changed.

Let’s see – lights are working. Water heater didn’t burst; in fact all the plumbing seems intact. Heat’s still on, and the refrigerator is humming away. Stumble upstairs to the office, and it hits me – it’s quiet.

Too quiet.

Yep, the big system is down. Won’t power up, completely cold to the touch. Oh dear… and back to bed (not going to get fixed at 3:15 AM).

When next I check (after the necessary caffeine absorption), ’tis obvious the power supply is no longer supplying. I look online for clues and find the brand I had is no more; lost to bankruptcy due to poor quality control. Oops. No panic, because everything is backed up, but I have to wait for a store to open before getting a replacement.

Late afternoon and it’s tear the old p/s out, put the new one in, better wiring harness so there’s less clutter in the case. Plug it all up, hit the switch – and we’re back.

Hoping for a full night’s sleep tonight.

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