Fixing a problem

So here I am, getting four or more emails a day for various Nissan vehicles I don’t own, from a dealership which  doesn’t read email, and now it escalates.

It’s not just the dealer sending email, now it’s Nissan USA itself, wanting a quality-control survey filled out. And blocking Nissan USA isn’t particularly viable because they use an anti-spam service which is fairly popular (thus blocking them blocks many other emails which I do want). And  while Nissan USA will eventually (takes 10 days, jerks!) unsubscribe the address from one vehicle, their system won’t scrub it from other vehicles.

This is getting out of hand. And no one at that dealership apparently reads email.

Thus it is  necessary to take the battle to them.


Those surveys affect a bit more than just the commission structure of the service adviser. The manufacturers base a lot of discounts and media buys and other spifffs based on dealer satisfaction ratings.

Let’s see if this dealer pays attention to his rating surveys.

I pick one, and rate everything as low as it can go, and use every available text block to complain about getting spammed and neither the dealer nor Nissan USA being competent to handle basic email management (so why would I ever buy a car from them?).

Got his attention… and an email to “whoever you are we took your email off the vehicle  and checked our files and took it off some others and won’t use it again.”

Congratulations on finally getting a clue.

But I still don’t expect to ever buy a Nissan.

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