Sunday morning on the rails

The good people of the Black River Railroad Historic Trust decided to run a steam-powered mixed-freight train. Naturally I had to be there, to get some photos.

grey coal smoke rises from the woods
Smoke rises from the woods as Engine #60 prepares for its time on camera.
steam engine on the move
First photo run of the morning; #60 pours on the power.
train crew watching
A careful crew is a safe crew; watching the track ahead.
engineer's hand on throttle
Hand on the throttle.
group of photographers trackside
Photographers and the conductor await the run at Bowne.
steam engine making turn
Cue the music as she comes around the bend.
Steam train gets closer
More power.
Steam train with observers in foreground
On the second run-by.
train crew talks with conductor
Crew receives new orders
Caboose with crew members
Starting the shove back home.

Several times during the trip, I was asked if I wanted to stand right up against the right-of-way (ROW in rail terms); that’s not necessary for my interests. It was a great way to spend a few hours on a sunny Sunday in September.


Off the schedule

Come January 2019, I’ll have all the nights of the week free – as of today I’m  off the schedule for Spring 2019. It’s the end of the line for teaching… 21 years in higher education is enough.

Soon I’ll start the process of official retirement for the NJ PERS (Public Employee Retirement System), so that I can collect a pension check… while NJ still has money to pay.

I’m going out on the horse I came in on. I was originally hired to teach the ‘hardware’ course – and that is the course I’m teaching now. Symmetry.